About Me

972325_10151360124316853_428003586_nI’m not a big fan of labels. I do understand that saying I’m a dad and a programmer gets the point across quicker than saying “I have two spawn who I love and we do fun things together when we can” and “I write code for websites that often accomplish complicated tasks for people who don’t usually understand what they want to accomplish”, but the latter is more fun.

Boy 1, Colby, loves to play baseball, read, and is probably faster at basic arithmetic than I am. ¬†Boy 2, Sean, is intuitive, adventurous, and doesn’t let much slow him down. With the arrival of the Sprint and Summer months we’ve tried to find many adventures to go on. My love, Shea, has helped with the adventures by taking us to her family’s property on the ocean in Harpswell, Maine and has gotten us interested in the SCA.

I’ve have enjoyed development in the web realm since my Sophomore year of college, but my interest in software has started leaning more toward software design and architecture. I’m currently most proficient in JavaScript UI architecture and development, but in the past I’ve spent significant amounts of time with databases and middle-tier languages like C#.

I noodle around with various musical instruments as much as possible. While I’m not very good at any of them, I frequently pick up my guitar and banjo and occasionally my borrowed bass. I’m currently most interested in learning bluegrass on those instruments and am making slow, but steady progress.

While not religious, I am an interesting mix of spiritual, philosophical, and intellectual. Presently I most identify with what I like to call Secular Buddhism and go through phases of frequent meditation.


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